DB Slowdown after migrating from CF5 to CFMX?

By Eric Jones

If you’ve noticed a significant drop in your Database calls AND you migrated from CF5 to CFMX then you might want to read this TechNote released today.

Basically it has to do with a flag being set improperly. A simple check and uncheck fixes the issue for now.

  • mike_danque

    Yes indeed…..there are major problems with the data connection drivers and such supplied with CFMX……they basically chew though connections and resources until things die…..

    for the longest time MM wouldn’t own up to it because soooo many cf developers unfortunately never see any meaningful load and kept claiming it wasn’t happening to them.

    “Supposedly” this is fixed by the last updater but I’ve heard it before. That’s why I’m still running 5 after several attempts at migration. MX is an all new version written on top of Java as opposed to C in 5.0. Why on earth they did that is beyond me.

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