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Data-driven Development with Flash Builder, Part I

    Andrew Gardner

    If you’ve been following our recent Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder tutorials you’ll be familiar with Flex guru Toby Tremayne’s clear and concise “how-to” style. In today’s article, the second of a three-part series, he shows us how to transition from a Flash Catalyst mockup to a fully functional data-driven development project in Flash Builder.

    Toby begins by briefly recapping part one, where he shows us how to import mockup artwork into Flash Catalyst and then convert the elements into working components. Assuming some basic knowledge of the Eclipse platform, Toby then takes us through a few simple steps that will allow us to move seamlessly between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.

    By the end of the tutorial you’ll have learned how to create a database in MySQL in which you can store contact data, and you’ll learn how to configure Flash Builder to read that data via a PHP interface. Next week, we’ll conclude the series, adding some features to our contact list application and rounding out our introduction to Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.

    There is an Adobe-sponsored quiz for you to take, so once you’ve read the tutorial make sure you give it a go to see how much you’ve learned.