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Daily Catch is Back

By Philip Miseldine

Oh, the lot of a PhD student over summer is a busy one. Whilst the regular students leap away for a 4 month break, its been project after project after meeting after meeting whilst writing coursework for September and mentoring.

Of course, the Daily Catch has suffered. But fear not, the end is in sight and Daily Catch is back to being as the name suggests: daily :)

So here’s the future. Each month, I’ll feature a particular aspect of software and every Friday there’ll be a mini-article showing how this can be achieved in .NET. For the rest of this month, “Daily Catch Fridays” will offer example code and instruction on Data Access, one of the most important topics for web developers, starting with the often overlooked typed datasets.

So, Daily Catch is back, add it back to your aggregators, and roll out the comments :)

Philip is a Computer Science PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. He's still not mastered guitar tabs, never finished Mario, and needs a haircut. He discusses life at

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