CSS Formatter & Optimiser

Just a quick one.

I tend to use a couple of text editors depending on what I’m doing. jEdit is my current pick of the crop for ‘ ‘down’n’dirty’ texting (but how bad is the placement of that Download button?).

However I also tend to keep a couple of really small, fast-loading editors handy for making little changes, edits and mistakes as you spot them. EmEditor and Crimson Editor are great, but there are hundreds of them out there.

One of the main features I miss in those small editors is a good code formatter. I may have a solution now.

I’m not sure why it’s on the CDBurnerXP website, but this CSS Formatter and Optimiser is pretty handy. Cut and paste your code into the text box, select a setting between readability and compression, choose your sorting options and hit ‘Process CSS’. It even preserves my favorite ‘IE!important’ hack.

Looks promising.