RubySource: Crafting Rubies: Best Practices While Cutting Gems

By Nathan Kleyn

To some, cutting gems is considered an art for the minerally inclined. In the Ruby world, however, gem cutting is a matter of life. Creating RubyGems can be easy , but also a trap for a novice. By following some general community best practices, you can create gems that can live in harmony within the Ruby ecosystem, and be enjoyed by consumers and contributors alike for years to come.

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Crafting Rubies: Best Practices While Cutting Gems

Meet the author
I’m Nathan Kleyn, and I am a web developer hailing from the heart of London, UK. I currently work for UK based web-startup Intent HQ, and spend my days spreading the Ruby and Haskell love. I also work with JavaScript, C, Bash, IO, HTML, and CSS.

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