Cracking into ColdFusion

By Eric Jones

The Internet Junkie recently posted a very cool blog post which talks about opening up ColdFusion and altering the behavior of most ColdFusion tags.

In his example he creates his own version of CFLOCATION in order to better debug an application a reader was having problems with.

This is very cool because it opens up a new level of debugging (albeit dangerous) which I haven’t seen from any other coding language.

Read more here.

  • barryf

    Sorry to nitpick, Eric, but it’s actually CFLOCATION.

    Also, why would you say it’s “dangerous”?

  • jonese


    Anytime you dive into the inner workings of an application you run the chance of damaging something beyond repair. So it’s always wise to backup before you make changes and also realize that any changes you make today could be over written or broken with a patch or update.

  • interesting find. since coldfusion is now written on a java based platform, those who know the ins and outs of java have an immense advantage. it’s basically like having the vast majority of the most common functionality you would need in a web-based java app wrapped up into a nice neat little package that anyone can use….

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