Build Your First: HTML & CSS

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Cleanup CSS styles:

As we’ve been laying out our rows, our columns, and our containers, we’ve been using fake background colors just so we can see what’s going on. But now we’re ready to style some of these components in more detail. It’s time to remove these fake background colors. So we’re going to start at the top and we’re work our way down layout.css and take out these fake background colors. The first one we come to is row–banner. Now we’re going to be styling that whole banner component inside the modules.css soon, so this can be removed from here. A bit further down we come across .container-narrow. And we can get rid of the background color from there. Similarly, with .container-medium. And with .container-wide. In each case we can get rid of those background colors. If we scroll down a bit further we have .col-narrow, .col-narrow–right, .col-medium, .col-wide, and .col-wide–right. All those are similarly just background colors. And they can be removed. And now we’re ready to get into some more detailed styling.