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Could you Build a Complete Web Site in 24 Hours?

    Rachael Wilson

    FullCodePress 2009Do you think you could you build a complete web site in 24 hours? What about if you had an audience watching your every move?

    Sound stressful? You bet. FullCodePress is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The competition is back in 2009, and if you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, then you can get involved, possibly even to represent your country!

    Here’s how it works. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create:

    • 1 fully functional website for
    • 1 designated charity, in
    • 24 hours with a team of
    • 6 talented individuals with whom you have (probably) never worked before.

    In the words of the organizers, there are “no excuses, no extensions, no budget overruns.” A complete, fully functioning web site from go to whoa in 24 hours. Key to the contest is the fact that there will be no hints as to who the charity is — nothing, zilch, zip — until the 24 hours start. Then the competition is on to create the best possible web site with only the skill of you and your five other team mates. Sound like fun?

    There’s more. The best part is that some very lucky charities get a professional ready-to-go web site at the end of the competition. I’m sure most of you would agree that it’s rewarding to be involved in an event where you get to test your skills and contribute; you get to help a charity help other less fortunate people.

    And if charity isn’t your thing, how about the thrill of such a complex project, a 24 hour deadline with no outside help, your success being dependent on just the skill of the people in your team? I’m sure that when the pressure is on some very innovative and creative solutions are born.

    This year it’s Australia vs New Zealand live at the CeBIT conference in Sydney on the 13-14 May. And while two charities end up with fantastic sites, there can be only one team that earns the international bragging rights and trophy for the best creation on the day. Luckily for everyone else, there will be other prizes given away over the course of the event, including some of our very own SitePoint masterpieces (in book form).

    There are numerous ways you can get involved: you can either apply to participate in the Australian team or New Zealand team or help out as a volunteer on the day. If you can’t be there in person, you can tap into the live blogging, interviews, Twitter feed, Flickr and YouTube action that will be available online so you can support the event and the cause.

    We believe this is a fantastic event, and we’re excited to be supporting it — we’ll have members of the SitePoint team present at the event, and one of us will be involved in judging the sites, so be sure you come up and say hello. Visit http://www.fullcodepress.com for more information or to register as a participant, volunteer or non-profit organisation.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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