Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);

Hello. My name is Wyatt Barnett, and I will be blogging here at Sitepoint. I will principally be concentrating on the Microsoft end of things—someone has to balance out the PHPers here<g>.

Console.WriteLine(“About Me”);

I live in Washington, DC, USA. By day (and oftentimes into the night) I am Lead Developer at a large industry trade association. It is an interesting role where one can interact with a lot of very cool technologies & toys. I have also had the pleasure of working with some very good developers on a wide variety of projects over the years.


My main focus is currently developing & maintaining our suite of websites and intranet applications as well as managing our web farm. Before I shifted into the applications & development end of IT, I spent some quality years working the helpdesk and doing systems administration tasks. Aside from the day job, I have done a fair amount of testing & content creation work for some gaming outfits.

Console.WriteLine(“Shout Outz”);

Big ups to the folks in the Sitepoint ASP.NET forum who have had to put up with my ranting and raving for years.

Console.WriteLine(“What’s Next”);

The short answer: interesting things. Stay tuned.