By Wyatt Barnett

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By Wyatt Barnett

Hello. My name is Wyatt Barnett, and I will be blogging here at Sitepoint. I will principally be concentrating on the Microsoft end of things—someone has to balance out the PHPers here<g>.

Console.WriteLine(“About Me”);

I live in Washington, DC, USA. By day (and oftentimes into the night) I am Lead Developer at a large industry trade association. It is an interesting role where one can interact with a lot of very cool technologies & toys. I have also had the pleasure of working with some very good developers on a wide variety of projects over the years.

My main focus is currently developing & maintaining our suite of websites and intranet applications as well as managing our web farm. Before I shifted into the applications & development end of IT, I spent some quality years working the helpdesk and doing systems administration tasks. Aside from the day job, I have done a fair amount of testing & content creation work for some gaming outfits.

Console.WriteLine(“Shout Outz”);

Big ups to the folks in the Sitepoint ASP.NET forum who have had to put up with my ranting and raving for years.

Console.WriteLine(“What’s Next”);

The short answer: interesting things. Stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    Another blog for those who are .NOT interested in real world development and have been brainwashed by M$ ….

  • malikyte

    Welcome aboard, Wyatt. Remember: no matter how small or important, any cool tricks or finds you come across may still be important to others so…let us know about ’em! No need for 3 page essays all the time; though they’re still enjoyed just the same.

  • pufa

    About Time!!


  • chrisb

    very cool tricks:

    Generics in .NET 2.0 — best implementation around and very very useful :)

  • Dangermouse



  • Welcome aboard, Wyatt! Looking forward to seeing some good stuff in here – this blog’s been dormant far too long with lots of exciting things happening in the ASP.NET world…

  • Layla

    Console.WriteLine(“Does anyone still use .NET?”);

  • ikeo

    Great to have you Wyatt.
    I’m trying to get into some really serious ASP.NET coding and my first request is that code samples be in C# as well as VB.

    All too often, code in tutorials and books is in VB.NET, and even though I can figure out a C# version, it detracts from my learning of the material.

    My other question is, what, in your estimation, is a good book to get started on ASP.NET 2.0? I know ASP.NET well but I always like to have a beginner-intermediate coder book around for reference when I need to look up something.

    Right now I have “Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005 – From Novice to Professional” by Matthew MacDonald, but I find it a bit dull and uninspiring. I really liked “ASP.NET for Graphic Designers – By Peter Ladka” but he doesn’t have a 2.0 Version out yet.

    Welcome again to the sitepoint blogosphere!

  • LiQ

    Console.WriteLine(”Does anyone still use .NET?”);

    Very funny… The real question is “Does anyone still use PHP?”. Interpreted old-school language with all classes in one namespace. Script-based, non-OO mishmash. I can go on…

    But the real answer is YES, and with Windows Vista, .NET Framework 3.0 and all those goodies it’s expanding rapidly. Stop looking backwards. This is reality.

    And I don’t even work with .NET, hah. I do this for fun. But I have a lot of people around me who does.

  • wwb_99

    @all: thanks for the kind words, encouragment and advice. And mind the “don’t feed the trolls” sign; it keeps ’em under the bridge.

    @ikeo: Actually, I suspect the only VB I will be posting will be VBA, if that. I honestly have not done anything significant in VB.NET.

    As for code reference, I really just stick with the internet + integrated help. I tend to go for books of the more ephemeral nature. That said, I hear that ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed just came out. I found the first version quite helpful in the beginner/intermediate range.

  • Good luck Wyatt, hope you last longer than most .NET bloggers here have! :)

  • Benjymouse

    Cheers. Looking forward to the sharpening (no pun intended) of the ASP.NET profile here.

    So, when is your book due?

  • interpeo

    Response.Write(“hoooray! At least some good news for us, the goin’ ahead .NET people!”)

    Console.WriteLine(”Does anyone KNOW .NET?”);

    Console.WriteLine(”You do say the truth!”);

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