zPharaoh.exe on USB key


I have a Mac, but I’ve my USB key on many other people’s Windows systems. I don’t think this is an issue for me because an exe won’t run on OS X and generally these types of things are Windows problems. A quick search on zPharaoh tells me it’s a bad file. So I deleted from my USB key, sure enough it was locked and I had to delete it from the command line, not a big deal, but my question is how can I make sure using this key on another Windows system won’t cause problems. Is there any Mac utility to scan a USB drive for malware?


Make sure there’s no invisible files on the disk, make a copy of the documents you know you produced and then format the device clean, then you can put the documents back without too much of a worry (You’ll want to scan all of those files on a Windows machine to check there’s nothing bad about the files themselves before passing them around). I would also recommend wiping the infected machine clean and reinstalling to ensure it’s not compromised. :slight_smile: