Zigarettenweg.de Design

hello together,

i have changed my design on

i’m looking for a good free software which can animate my banner

I want that the hand is animated and show to you .

I hope you know what I mean and can help me.


I dont understand what you mean but there is a whole host of gif animation software out there, as for animating the hand…you would need pictures of it at different angles if that is what you plan to do?

If you want a simple graphic animation usually you would pick a widely supported format like GIF as JPG cannot be animated in such a way via image editing alone. The GIMP http://www.gimp.org/ should be able to do animated GIF and is open source - so basically free.

Obviously like was said, you’d need to make some image frames of the hand (in different positions) and then set transition times for it to move, etc.