Zenoss (Open Source) vs cPanel/WHM

Are these two products comparable? I just watched a short video about Zenoss and am wondering if any of you use it. We pay $25/mo for cpanel/whm on our server and if it’s not needed I’d prefer to go this open source route.

Does anyone have experience with it?

Zenoss is a monitoring tool, not a control panel for managing a server’s services

To answer your original question, many of my clients like Webmin as a OSS alternative to Cpanel/Plesk. Although perhaps not as easy to use, there is still some value in Webmin. Here is a tutorial on Webmin, which shows some sample screenshots:
Using Webmin to Add Users, Create MySQL Databases, and Other Tasks

Another cool thing about Webmin is the rather extensible modules database- many people have written modules which increase webmin’s “out of the box” functionality. Plus, there is a spin-off of Webmin called Virtualmin, which is designed for servers that host multiple virtual hosts, or multiple websites: