Zend_Mail - standalone instalation?

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I’ve post this same question on Zend mailing-list but, no success, perhaps I’m telling some nonsense but, if I am, please at least let me know. :wink:

Let’s say that for a specific project, we want to have ONLY the capacity to send html e-mails with attachement. No MVC, nothing.

What should we grab, from the framework library, in order to make it work? What are the “minimum requirements for this?”.

I have two books on Zend in my hands, I’ve search the internet, and I can clearly find: “Zend framework is modular”, “You can use Zend components without rely on other things”, but I can’t find any example about how/what should we install/prepare in order to have one of those single components to work, and only those.

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Just install the entire framework. As long as you don’t include anything, it’s not a problem (resource/performance wise) for your application.

Zend/Mail folder should be enough.


I will give it a try and use only the zend mail and give an include only.
I will post back the results.

Why can’t I find this info anywhere?
Normally, this is due to the fact that I’m trying to do some “original” stuff.
And, normally as well, I miss something important each time I try to create an “original” thing.

Any guesses? :shifty:

Zend/Mail folder and Zend/Mail.php file, to be specific.

Zend Framework is loosely coupled and you can use any of its components independently. The directory structure is quite clear, if you want to use just Zend_Validate, Zend/Validate.php and the Zend/Validate.php folder are enough, if you want to use just Zend_Cache, Zend/Cache.php and the Zend/Cache folder are enough and so on.

Not strictly true, there are occasions where those require_once calls come back and bite you in the proverbial.

Best bet, IMHO, do as kyberfabrikken states and drop the entire library into your application. You have nothing to lose doing so.

Yes. I guess there might be some cases where there are other required files, never came across any such case though (but I usually just use the whole framework as well :)).

So all framework will go and we will include only what’s necessary.
No bootstrap on anything else needed I suppose?


In case someone is wondering: bootstrapping is the process we use to start for application initialization and where we configure and startup the MVC process.

So, no need for that in a modular use of the framework.

Done. :slight_smile:

Thanks you all for the previous replies,