Zend Framework Debugging Help

I know this isn’t a Zend Framework forum, but hopefully this is okay to post here. I’m receiving an error from Zend Framework that unfortunately is not really giving me any information to track down the problem. I’m hoping someone else has experienced something similar and may be able to offer some insights…

The text of the message is…

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Zend_Filter_Exception’ with message ‘A replacement identifier : was found inside the inflected target, perhaps a rule was not satisfied with a target source? Unsatisfied inflected target: :class’ in C:\wamp\www\library\Zend\Filter\Inflector.php on line 487

The stack trace is…

#	Time	Memory	Function	Location
1	0.0003	367424	{main}( )	..\\index.php:0
2	0.0007	376416	require_once( 'C:\\wamp\\www\\store\\store\\application\\application.php' )	..\\index.php:2
3	0.1027	6365840	Zend_Application->run( )	..\\application.php:16
4	0.1027	6365840	Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap->run( )	..\\Application.php:366
5	0.1028	6365896	Zend_Controller_Front->dispatch( )	..\\Bootstrap.php:97

The program itself is pretty simple it’s just attempting to process a registration form. However, since I have no clue with the error message means, I have no idea where I should be looking in my code. Has anyone seen this or something similar before?

It means from what I can guess is that “:class” was not found. In the routing of the application.

So you are probably wanting to be looking at the Routing section of your application.

It turned out to be an issue with Zend_Acl. I had a class that was implementing Zend_Acl_Resource_Interface. I accidentally called getResource() on that class instead of getResourceId(). Just by correcting the method name, the error went away. It was really odd, as I have no idea how that caused a Zend_Filter_Exception to be thrown.