Zend & ExtJS


I’ve started using Zend Framework recently to try and speed up the time it takes me to create applications. I’ve been looking at JS libraries to ‘enhance’ my site.

I would like to implement the drag 'n drop reordering in one of ExtJS examples:

I have a mysql database table with a list of categories.

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial or article on how I may be able to implement this in my site? Ive had a read on ExtJS and cant get my head around it. Also done a search on Google but not found much.

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i am searching for solutions to integrate Ext-Js (datagridd) to ZendFramework to implement a CRUD back office. If anyone has already had the opportunity to implement or dev this i would be glad to receive any advice on he subject


While I don’t have any experience with extjs, the drag and drop interface is also available in jquery and other frameworks.

Personally, I have integrated jquery ui drag and drop in one of my Zend Framework applications months ago, maybe I can still find the code, I hope I haven’t thrown it in the bin yet.

i am actually going with Jquery on this but for the data grid and other minor ui stuff

I have been working quite a lot with ExtJs and Zend Framework. I have also used Ext Designer and Zend Framwork which really speeded up my RIA development.

I wrote a blogpost about it at ExtJs, ExtDesigner and Zend Framework

Please share your experience on the subject.