Zen Cart Sitemap Generator


I wish to generate sitemap for my website. It is an ecommerce website, using zen cart. Which is the best software (freeware) to generate online sitemap. I have generated sitemap using one sitemap. The google is not even able to recognise it. That is why I am posting in this forum for better result.

Your reply would be of utmost help.

Thanks in Advance

I use this link.


Thanks for this resource. I think that it’s a great one, easy one to learn too!

Hi Alison

Have you tried the sitemap addon from the Zen Cart site. It is called:

SitemapXML (formerly “Google Sitemap”)
By: Andrew Berezin

It creates a separate sitemap for categories, products and ezpages and then an index sitemap.

I’ve never had any problems with Google reading and indexing from this addon.


I request you to explain a little more so that I could do that for my website. Request this as a help.

Try to create your sitemap here: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/.

But if I were you, I will not waste time to submit my site in search engines. I suggest to you to keep on building quality inbound links like social bookmarking, forum postings and blog commenting and your site will get indexed in less than a month.

ya,xmlsitemap is a good tool to creat site map.You can use it.