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great thread… is YPN available internationally right now?

Yahoo is still testing their system,

Anybody got accepted into YPN recently?
We applied a couple of months ago and have heard nothing back.
I have even met with them at various Expos even that doesn’t help much.

Sometime back, I saw some ads for people trying to sell YPN a/cs here at sitepoint.
If it is legal, and the asking price is reasonable, I wouldn’t mind paying rather than waiting.

You aren’t alone. I’ve heard that YPN has been very slow in terms of the application process lately.

Has anyone tested both YPN and Adsense…at seperate times…too see which one has a higher CPM…

if so, what have the results been?

OK, I just tried to sign up and got the your information will be stored in our database and be considered for the beta program email.

How long does it take to find out yes or no, here in Sep 2008?


When the economy is bad, that is when it matters the most.
Every bit coming in helps.

In good times the difference only goes to savings a/c.
In bad times it can mean food on the table.

I have seen this question many times in another forums. Most people say that YPN is better but you need mostly US traffic. If you have international traffic, google adsense is solution for you.

Is it Free to join?

Yes, it is free. But make sure that your site comply with their rules. The rules are quite strict:


Really the rules are strict.

Would also love to get in. Applicated several times but never got a response back.

Where can I get an invite? Can someone pm me one?

my question is very practical
that is how to get more revelent YPN ads??
can anyone plz answer?

Simply by searching with relevent keywords one can get relevent YPN ads.

YPN is the Yahoo! Publisher Network. It is text ads Yahoo! runs on publishers’ webpages. There are no searches involved.

Same story here… I’ve applied a few times and never heard anything back from them.

Anyone have a trick for getting into this?

I have no practical idea about this.
I will try this.

Is YPN free?