Ypn Faq | Please Read

they both are competitors…how can you list them on a single page.lol

“Can Yahoo! Ads and AdSense Ads be placed on same page.”…
regarding this… in google adsense latest t&C… they did allow competitive ads, as long its not look alike google ads. you guys might need to check on this.:shifty:

Adsense and YPN cannot be on the same page. Ever.

Too bad YPN is not yet available internationally. Is it legal to buy somebody’s ypn account?

i come across this topic early this month.

… as long adsense not the same theme/look the same with competitor ads.

Anybody got accepted into YPN recently? We applied a couple of months ago and have heard nothing back, even though their FAQ says:

How long will it take for you to review my application?
If your site is eligible to participate in the beta program, you will usually receive a response from us within 10 business days. If it is not eligible, you should receive a response from us in 7-14 business days.

Very frustrating!!

can’t wait till it becomes international!!

I also would like to know.

I appied a couple of weeks back and have heard nothing too :frowning:

I heard a rumor the they arent accepting anymore publishers, I sure hope thats not true.

Good job.
Thank you.

nice post.i really like this website

The US dollar is weak so who cares :sick:

Is this STILL only US only? It’s been like 2 years…

Unfortunately those of us living in the US care. :rofl:

How long has YPN been in BETA??? Will they ever go public? It’s reminds me when gmail was by invitation only and people were all waiting for their gmail account/invitations!

Do you have to live in the US to apply? Didn’t see anything about that on the registration page. I do have a SS number, but am neither a citizen nor permenant resident (nor any kind of resident for that matter…), but live in Europe.

I think no.

Yahoo is using google ads, we’ll have to see about microsoft ad center

We can however use an ad rotator to rotate between Google and YPN

Very clear and concise. Hope this kills some unecessary threads in the future.

Yes, not only this information minimize threads, also giving a clear idea about YPN.