Youtube is driving me crazy

Is it just me or is youtube horrible to use at the moment? It keeps opening little popout players and if you hit the wrong thing it will pop out the pop out??

It then seems to want to open the miniplayer if i switch tabs rather than just stay playing on the hidden tab like it used to.

It seems to be very random. I’ve tried changing some settings but not sure if I’m not setting the right thing or if I’m not able to change it.

anyone else find it annoying?

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I am sorry to say that it must be something in your configuration because for me it just work as normal and I have no issues at all.

Agree, I also haven’t noticed any problem with YouTube work. Check your settings, please. Have you installed any third-party app recently? Can it be a malware?

Ah I wonder if it is Opera that is doing this. Now you’ve jogged my memory and I remember way back when they did some popout feature.

I’ve turned it off in settings so i’ll see if it is any better. I was thinking it was youtube as they changed something recently to allow playback of videos in the search by just hovering over them, so i figured this was part of that.

thanks both.

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It appears it was opera causing the issues (or at least one of them). I don’t think it plays nice with youtube with the pop out miniplayer enabled in opera. I don’t remember it being so bad to start with so not sure if a youtube update or opera update caused it to get annoying.


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Sorted now. I don’t use Opera that often and therefore I don’t use it to watch youtube. I would never had thought of it.

Absolutely! Also - I feel like there have been more popups and ads in general. I’ve just been opening it in another window while using other windows at the same time. They really need to up their game!