YouTube begins to support 4K resolution videos

Are you ready to the imminent 4K resolution video on YouTube? Because this super High Definition video is coming on YouTube!

Two weeks before, on the VidCon 2010 conference held in Los Angeles, Google announced that YouTube begins to support 4K resolution video’s playback; in December of last year, YouTube announced 1080p. Compared with 4K resolution, 1080p is just peanut. To read more information about this news, you can click here.

This comes at time when Internet Providers here in Canada are reducing there gigabyte quota and raising there rates. Pay more Get Less. Having HighSpeed in Canada is becoming a complete rip off, no wonder StarBucks has free WiFi only you probably have to buy (4) coffees or lattes per hour, per hour you’re there.

Moving to the mountains and making your own WiFi connection for free is looking extremely tempting at this point.

Awesome, now we can watch kids making fools of themselves in Bluray quality video :slight_smile: