YouTube API + PHP + site hosting?


I have made a site which can pull and upload videos from and to YouTube,

This site was made with the combination of Python, Google App Engine and YouTube API. It is hosted at Google App Engine. I did not code the main structure of this application bcos I don’t speak Python so I was made with a Python programmer. However, we found that this application has been causing lot of problems, especially on uploading videos.

Now I hope I can code the entire site myself with PHP - is it possible?

Another big question - do I have to host this site on Google’s?? Can I just host this site on a normal/ standard server which I normally do when I develop a website?

I have read the documentation about YouTube API for developers, but I still cannot get my head around if I want to make this site from scratch with PHP,

It seems to suggest that using a PHP framework - Zend Framework, which I have no clues about it - do I really have to use a PHP framework then?

Any thoughts/ better suggestions or any online tutorials/ books I can follow through?

Many thanks,

It seems so:

The API is designed to allow you to connect to the backend / perform machine readable instructions from elsewhere, so having it hosted by blip seems to defeat the point.

can I host my site anywhere then if I use API?? :rolleyes:

this makes sense! :smiley:

I dont quite understand what this link is for. It is about youtube not and it seems to be something for wordpress which I don’t use at all.

thanks found it! :smiley:

Yeah I found it was a bit of pain trying to use YouTube API without Zend framework, they don’t seem to have a lot of information about using it with just straight PHP. I ended up using API but I’m sure someone else here knows the answer.

thanks for the thought! where can I find API documentation online please…? thanks! :slight_smile:

You talked about hosting your site anywhere with That was taken from’s API page explaining how it’s used. It proves it can be used anywhere. Go on over as has been suggested and give it a read.

On the about page, click on “developers”

oh i see. i will have a read. thanks :slight_smile: