Your Visitor Stats: Browser Usage & Mobile

I thought it would be cool to get an idea of the visitor stats for some of you webmasters around here. Looking at my Google Analytics stats in-depth for the first time in a while, I was happy to see that very few visitors are using IE7 any more. I was a little dismayed to see that 35% of my visitors are using mobile devices, with the iPhone by far the biggest mobile device. I was dismayed most by the fact that the average pageviews per visitor for an iPhone user was the lowest, at 2.84 versus about 6 pageviews average across all visitors.

That low number of pageviews for iPhone users leads me to conclude that I am going to have to redesign with mobile devices in mind, or at least a media query to issue a separate style sheet for mobile visitors.

My sites are located in America and cater exclusively to an American audience. 90% or more of the visitors are from the United States. Numbers are rounded to the nearest half percent.

Browser visitor share
IE: 38%
Safari: 24% (Probably because of iPhone visitors.)
Android: 14%
Firefox: 11% (This figure is about half of what it was two or three years ago.)
Chrome: 8.5% (Not many Google fanboys using my sites. Strange since I keep reading about how Google Chrome is stealing market share.)
Mozilla Compatible: 3%
Opera: 1% (Too bad. This is my favorite web browser.)
And the others not mentioned.

IE visitor share
IE9: 57%
IE8: 35.5%
IE7: 6.5%
IE6: 0.89% (This buggy monster is almost dead!)
IE10 makes up the rest at 0.04%.

IE7 usage is dwindling fast. Only about 2.5% of all my visitors are using IE7. IE6 is not even worth thinking about any more. Only one-third of 1% of my visitors are using IE6 and that number is not going to grow. I think it’s time to kiss IE6 goodbye. Last year when I redesigned my biggest site (not that big by some of your standards, only about 20,000 unique visitors a month), I didn’t even bother testing it on IE6. I don’t have IE6 on this computer, and I wasn’t going to create a dual-boot system so I could install it for testing purposes either.

Anyone else care to share? It will help us get an idea of the way things are headed. I am wondering just how big mobile device marketshare is going to get. Is it going to keep growing, exceeding 50% of all traffic? Has it puttered out at about one-third of all traffic? Are we entering a world where one day 75% or more of all traffic will be mobile devices?

My primary domain doesn’t see enough traffic to really use it as a test… but EWIUSB.COM does. (five people a day take the time to fill out the contact form! I really need to add a forums)

This is excluding known spiders, is for March, counting 40,987 unique visits.

MSIE: 31.3%
By version:
…IE9 : 3.6%
…IE8 : 5%
…IE7 : 9.4%
…IE6 : 11.1%
…IE5 : 2.2%

(IE5 is probably a few people I know with older phones – since IE6 was “new” on Win mobile just three years ago – shows IE4 visitors, though I suspect that’s the retrocomputing folks on their Windows 3.1 boxes!)

You know, that’s actually disturbing – IE5 seeing two-thirds the visits I get from IE9.

Google Chrome:22.2%

Firefox: 19.3%
(most of that is FF11, though 3.6.15 seems to have 1.6% overall!)

Opera: 9.9%
(Being I’m a opera user and advocate, I’m probably skewing that number)

Safari: 7.8%

Android: 2.2%

Opera Mini: 1.9%

iOS: 1.5%

Nokia: 0.2%

Unknown: 3.8%

Looks like I really need to put the rewrite into deployment – hadn’t really bothered looking at my stats in a while, (hell, I’ve not updated the content in two years) and was unaware that I’m starting to see as many people visiting from mobile as I do from Safari.

You always have to ask yourself “are the low numbers on ____ because there aren’t that many people, or is it because they’re bouncing with it broken?”

Out of curiosity what domain are those numbers for, or is that server overall? How large is the sample pool?

[FONT=Verdana]On a site with 45k unique visitors and 75k visits, my stats from March for a general audience UK site, showing significant players only, are (hit-wise):

IE9 - 15%
IE8 - 15%
IE7 - 5%
IE total - 35%

Safari 5 - 18%
Safari 4 - 1%
Safari total - 22%

Chrome 17 - 14%
Chrome total - 15%

Firefox 11 - 3%
Firefox 10 - 4%
Firefox 9 - 1%
Firefox total - 10%

Opera total - 1%

Android - 6%
BlackBerry - 2%
Sony Ericsson - 1%
iPhone - 1%
Mobile total - 11%

It’s disappointing that all versions of Opera (including Mobile and Mini) identify themselves as 9.80 (even though the current release is 11.62), so AWStats doesn’t pick out any differentiation between them.[/FONT]

There is a subtle difference in the UA string, but you have to add it… I did it… a while ago, I’ll see if I can pull up what did the trick.

Your Safari numbers are shocking to me – especially compared to FF… is the Quackintosh more popular in the UK or something? I’ve never seen Safari numbers that high – especially not at the expense of FF.

Though it proves something – while statistics shows who’s visiting, it also shows who’s not visiting… the folly is in thinking that because they’re not visiting, you shouldn’t cater to them… since that might be WHY they’re not visiting, not that they don’t exist.

When I look at the individual line for each visitor in the logs, it’s possible to differentiate between them, but the aggregated data that AWStats gives just lumps them all in together as 9.80.

Your Safari numbers are shocking to me – especially compared to FF… is the Quackintosh more popular in the UK or something? I’ve never seen Safari numbers that high – especially not at the expense of FF.

I was surprised as well. Macintosh comes in at 21% of OS share, which is a lot higher than I would have expected. It’s been growing steadily, month by month – a year ago, it was at only 13%. I guess that probably includes iOS in there as well, especially given its growth rate.

Here are my statistics, not doing as good as I hoped, but hoping to change this in the next couple of month :wink: -

MSIE - 4.7 %
Msie 9.0 - 0.9 %
Msie 8.0 - 0.6 %
Msie 7.0 - 2.4 %
Msie 6.0 - 0.6 %
FIREFOX - 34 %
Firefox 11.0 25.6 %
Firefox 10.0.2 0.3 %
Firefox 7.0.1 0 %
Firefox 6.0 No 0 %
Firefox 4.0 No 0.2 %
Firefox 3.6.28 1.1 %
Firefox 3.6.11 0 %
Firefox 3.5.3 6.3 %
Firefox 3.0.14 0 %
Firefox 3.0.11 0 %
Firefox 3.0.1 0.3 %
Netscape ? No 0 %
OPERA- 0.5 %
Opera 9.80 No 0.5 %
SAFARI - 1.9 %
Safari 5.1.5 No 0.3 %
Safari 5.0.6 No 0.2 %
Safari 5.0.4 No 1.3 %
CHROME 39.3 %
Chrome 18.0.1025.142 36.2 %
Chrome 17.0.963.83 3 %
Chrome 11.0.696.71 %
Others 1,855 19.3 %

@sega, your chrome listing is good for a laugh – proof enough that they’ve actually managed to make versioning pointless :smiley:

Though that does seem to be the latest sick fad in development.