Your top traffic sources?

Google and Twitter

Tried to submit some videos to youtube with my link on it as watermark, but obviously that traffic can’t be tracked :slight_smile:

My top sources are:
…and a myriad of other sites all sending between 1 and 10 people a week or month each.
I have lots of articles on ezinearticles but get negligible traffic from it. My Reddit, Digg and Delicious traffic is very low, despite every page on my sites being bookmarked. I find Stumbleupon traffic of spectacularly low quality in terms of CTR etc.
My best quality traffic comes from Google, Wikipedia and one particular referring site that I haven’t named.

I get more traffic google organic search and Social bookmarking.

How are you driving traffic from wikipedia? Do you have a listing there? I thought that was only for corporations, or famous people

Most of my traffic comes from search engines, but it’s a mix of good visitors, surfers, and spammers.

Second most is from referring sites, my targeted visitors come from most of these, although there is some spam in there, especially from site like this one where everyone is trying to get a leg up by dropping links like a B52.

The rest of the traffic is direct traffic, they have a bookmark they use to go to my site. This one competes with referring sites.

I’m curious, as to how you implemented RSS into your site, and how it increases your traffic. Are you using RSS feeds from other poeple’s content, news feeds, or…???

Our top 5 are:

  1. Organic Google results
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Yelp
  5. eBlasts

My top traffic source is definitely Google organic search traffic for almost all of my websites.

Of course, it has to be Google. Google represents over 80% of my Web site traffic for electronics. The only way you can successfully drive as much traffic to your website is by submitting 100’s of articles on a monthly basis with keyword anchor text, adding your URL to web directories, including your URL in the Yahoo directory, posting comments on blogs and leaving your URL and the list goes on. Each week you should do only one (1) thing. One week, submit articles, the next week, find more directories to submit to, ect., ect., ect. And then it starts all over. There’s only so many hours in a day to complete as much as you can. So, if you’re serious about making money regardless of what type of website you own, consider cutting back on your social life. After you do this for a few years, you should be able to quite your day job and be your own boss. It’s called sacrifice…

Twitter, Facebook and Google are all good for me

FACEBOOK has been a good source of traffic nowadays. Imagine, you will simply post a link with a very intruiging headline and in a second, people will come click your link.

That is how it works. Simple but POWERFUL!

What CPA programs do you use, and how do CPA programs work?

Social Networking

Is MetaCafe just as effective as YouTube, Revver, and TubeMogul?

It was a little spammy :slight_smile:
I just edited the pages and put my link in the ‘External Links’ part. However my sites were about the subject…

Why did they delete you?

I tried wikipedia back a few years ago, but my links were deleted after a few weeks…

I’m having tough luck with Twitter but I get Google traffic.

StumbleUpon? I signed up a long time ago, but never knew how to use their service to drive traffic to DrewryNewsNetwork. In fact, the current traffic rank DNN is at now has been al by means of social networking and forums. No videos, automated tools “except Onlywire” or bots. Just good ol’ manual hard work

Popular websites with great related content linking back to our website generated an exceptional amount of traffic for us.
All the others work great too though.