Your top traffic sources?

Just wondering what everyone’s top traffic sources are…

Here’s mine…

Obviously organic searches make up the majority for most blogs… but it does take time.

The day I started using RSS I saw a HUGE increase of traffic… it took my site to the next level.

Guest Blogging
A couple of really hot articles on a couple of high traffic sites have almost driven my server to meltdown. Fantastic.

Social Media
Stumbleupon brings in a really nice slice of traffic each month, Twitter and Facebook are also pretty good.

What about you guys?

I’ve got 3 blogs so I have a few different answers as to each.

-Work Blog 1 is for our insurance agency… traffic has been driven by facebook, twitter and getting on the front page of digg, stumbleupon, or reddit. The most recent was a post for something to the effect of save a bundle on insurance for your mobile devices (ipad, iphone, etc). It was something that hadn’t been talked about much but ended up getting us about 2,000 visitors through stumbleupon. Comes down to content I guess because we got picked up by a few big Mac/iOS sites.

-Work Blog 2 is for an insurance agnecy start up company… we help people get their agency started. This is all done through newsletters and google since we’re targeted a specific group of people (some known).

-Personal Blog… place where I talk about all kinds of stuff but mostly home theater, computers, networks, and movies. Most of this traffic comes from blog comments as well as co-hosting a well known home theater podcast a few times.

there are lots of methods that you can use… you just have to make sure that the videos that you post are eye catchy and informative… for people now a day preferred to watch videos rather than read…

with mine, mine are from google searches, social media (facebook and twitter), youtube and few from yahoo answers

mostly my traffic comes from social bookmarking and social network sites such as stumbleuponm twitter and facebook.

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Hardwork pays you…
Best of Luck !!!

I submitted my site to stumble upon and within 24 hours had over 100 hits… Thus far, it has been my big traffic push in terms of readers.

I get 80%-90% of my website traffic from StumbleUpon. The other day 20/20 on the Sitemeter list were from Stumblers.

Twitter, Facebook, google

google, twitter, facebook, yahoo, stumbleupon

youtube and metacafe seem to drive a good amount of traffic for me, of course you have to have good content and subscribers :slight_smile:

Google sends me quite a good amount of traffic for me.

Other Search engines contribute a ton for me. My posts have been posted around by people in several forums and yahoo answers(no I did not pay for that).

from site referral such as stumbleupon, twitter, google organic result, facebook, article directories, forums, blogs

Do any of you guys get traffic from memetrackers?

My partner and I were having problems getting people to find good posts in our blogs. We figured others would have that problem too, so a memetracker would be a good way to highlight everyone’s best posts, and drive traffic to them.

I haven’t seen anyone list any memetrackers. Are you not being indexed? What does the referral traffic look like?

I promote a lot on youtube so i get a good chunk of traffic from them

Cuz some of my websites have a very good CPA offer like free gas, word of mouth tends to bring a good stable trend of traffic. Other than that Squidoo brings in some decent traffic as well.

What methods do you use to drive traffic?

I get some traffic from Youtube… And a little from Facebook.

How can I set my site up to get traffic from StumbleUpon?

Facebook is like 80% of my traffic. Then I got some from this site, twitter, and other forums scattered here and there.

Who is giving out free gas? I could use a free tank for my GTI VR6…lol