Your thoughts on the BBC homepage

The BBC has once again revamped their homepage (and I assume will propagate this to sub pages).

Personally I really REALLY dislike it.
From a design perspective I find it hard to follow and the black and white rather depressing.
High contrast is one thing but this is way too much!

I do like the typography though. Good clear font and no mini pixels anywhere.
I could live without the slider too.

What are your thoughts?

I’m glad I’m not the only one. When I visited their weather page a couple of weeks back, I followed a link inviting me to view the beta version of their new site - and I’ve been dreading its introduction ever since.

The layout is far too cluttered and difficult to negotiate, although I do agree with you that the fonts are pretty readable.

The BBC was one of very few sites where I had JavaScript enabled by default, because there was nothing on the site that caused problems, but that’s just changed. That slider shuggles about if you mouse-over near the edges, which is pretty unpleasant and causes seasickness on dry land.

I know the thread’s about the home page, but I have to have a wee rant about the “improved” weather section. Have you tried to read the shipping forecast recently? OK, probably not, but for some of us, it’s more accurate than the on-shore weather forecast, and also helps predict how likely we are to be cut off, so it’s quite important. Maybe it’s just me, but I keep ending up minimising the menu instead of clicking the link. And it used to be so clear and straightforward. If it ain’t broke…