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I am doing a site for a company that produces branded glassware. They are not wanting an e-commerce solution, but will have about 80 products that they will want to have online and displayed like an e-commerce solution. Should I use an e-commerce solution but not put pricing and availability etc, or is there something else that you would recommend.

Here are two of their competitors:

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Well, what the client would get from some pre-rolled e-commerce solution is stuff like the editor in the back where they can change, add and delete items. Unless these items change very infrequently (in that case, you could do plain old flat HTML files if you wanted, and do something like a $30-per-year contract with them to make minor changes as needed for them).

Another possibly plus of real e-commerce is that if they ever change their minds later on, they (or you, or the next guy up) don’t have to do much.

I think you can persuade them to use e-commerce.
If they not use it, they will not get customers online.
if they still don’t want, it’s OK because you have try to convince them,
use e-commerce but remove the price and order.

If you’d like to experiment with your project at a no to low cost, you may get some inspiration from this web link:

This site provides resources for setting up an e-commerce site with WordPress.


I would say that using an established e-commerce script which you can modify to remove pricing / ordering would be a good time saver rather than starting from scratch. If they subsequently decide they want online ordering, you would be well positioned too.