Your opinion on time frame?


I am working on getting a general idea for how long it will take to build a system.

How long would it take to create a complete clone like ebay? All the features

1,000, 100,000, 1 million hours???

Also, about how long would you say it took the developers at ilance for their auction system?


You can’t really quote ebay. Yes, surely hundreds of thousands of hours. But you wouldn’t start making ebay. You would start with something that is more targeted until you built following.

Ilance looks more like something in the 100 hour range. But then again, they have been around since 2004, so obviously many hours were involved in growing the script, troubleshooting, customer service, customizing for different needs, etc.

Don’t confuse time with man-hours, eg. if you have a team of 5 developers working on a project for 2 weeks it isn’t 2 weeks, it’s ~400 hours

I am looking to see how long something like this would take to build as im writing a plan which needs to give a pretty accurate outline for how much it will cost to build. The idea is among the same lines and has as many features. So im simply getting insight for how long it would take to develop a platform this advance.

Some other websites of the caliber of programming is:


There are clones however im curious if it is better to buy a clone and build off it and modify it a lot or to start fresh.

What would the approx. costs be to build a system like above “no content or helpbase docs though”.

$5,000? More if so how much.


@wellent, They weren’t meant to be useful, but as examples of what zactive wanted to do.

Solution found, Thread Closed.

Missing some zeros at the end.

Thanks for the assistance everyone. I am teaming up with a programmer to bring this vision to reality.