Your opinion matters

Hello Everyone,

I am a UX designer for years and I came across a project lately that I would really love to know what would you do in this situation:

It’s a website that provide services for different age groups such as <6 , 6-12, 12-25 …
They want a landing page that attracts ALL these age groups to then lead them through the other pages which specially designed for them. Since I always believe that the age matters a lot on the design, I would really appreciate if you would share your opinion about “how would YOU do this?”.
Would you add illustrations or maybe slides with different ages or…

Thank you so much in advance.
Best regards

not sure how applicable this is but i’d perhaps look at the cartoon world. They are pretty good at mixing things for kids with things that adults will want to watch too. Disney pixar is a prime example.

I think I would go for a series of “boxes”, one for each age group, with an age-appropriate image or other content and a clear title with the age group specified. Each of these boxes would link to an age-specific main page.


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