Your mouse gestures are wrong!

(: What are your top 4 mouse gestures and what are they for?

I’m generally curious as I see this as something that should be standardized.

Think of gestures in terms of physical buttons. It would suck if every time you used a different pc the “close window” button moved somewhere random - and even more so if that button was invisible (as in gestures) to begin with.

For me:
1: D = close tab (but never browser)
2: DU = undo close tab
3: DR = new tab
4: Mouse wheel to scroll tabs

Note: I’m not counting history back/forwards as they are pretty much written in stone.

for me:

  1. move the mouse and the cursor goes where you “point” it
  2. left click and it does something (whatever the cursor is over)
  3. right click and it brings up the context menu
  4. scroll the scrill wheel and the stuff scrolls up or down

i heart my mouse except when the stupid batteries die, which they do every couple of days (rechargeable batteries ftfw!!!)

Rudy, what plugin do you use for that? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

@rudy, what if your right click was unpredictable: you right click on your machine for a context menu, but on your co-workers it causes a reboot. If you haven’t discovered gestures yet, then I feel bad for you.

Anyway, judging by the length of this thread, I am alone in thinking they are something that should become a UI standard (along with mouse wheel to switch tabs).

oh, i know all about gestures

i ride a bike and i see them all the time by car drivers (i’ve made an occasional one myself, too)

… oh I know all about sql, it means squid to left when diving