Your most memorable vacation

We are well on our way into the new year and I am starting to daydream (a lot) about my next destination and where I would like to be. I like to get out and travel at least once a year, sometimes more.

What was your most memorable vacation and where do you like to travel?

I will start by sharing one of my favorite trips:

Without much planning, I loaded my car up with non-perishable foods (bread, rice, noodles, cookies, etc), some camping gear including the homemade alcohol stove I made a week before, and headed westward to explore some of the best scenic destinations that the U.S. has to offer in the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. I lived out of my car and on foot for two weeks, only stopping for gas and road maps when I had to. There was so much to explore and I felt that I didn’t even scratch the surface out there.

If you have never done anything like that before, and you have the means to, give it some consideration. While it was only two weeks for me, living with only the bare minimum items to keep yourself fed, sheltered and “warm” (minus the warm car drives, I suppose) can really open your mind up for reflection on the things that really matter in life to you. Removing yourself from TV, internet, cell phones and traffic could be just what you need for yourself, if you so desire. For me, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and I still think about it often as I gaze out the window, trapped inside, doing my daily routine.

Does anyone else have a travel experience they would like to share?

Probably the time I went back home to Massachusetts, with my family - and my daughter was able to meet a lot of family, which was pretty good.

Going to Florida for vacation is always nice as well.

For me you cant beat the highlands of Scotland. Raw nature untouched, makes you feel human.

Years ago when I was in the Navy (and the cold war was still cold) my ship was homeported in Yokosuka, Japan, I took a couple weeks leave during one Christmas and took the train from Tokyo to Sapporo. While in Sapporo, freezing (it was ice sculpture week), I was looking at a railroad map and spotted the little town of Nemuro, off by the Kuril islands. So 8 hours of train later there I was.

A couple mornings later I was walking down by the harbor looking at all the fishing trawlers when up comes a local cop on a Japanese version of a Vespa. Off to the police station I go, they round up the local English teacher and figure out who I am. Oh, did I mention I lost my wallet and ID in Yokosuka when leaving the base, and the Captain at the time had a 2 or 4 week waiting period for replacement requests? So I was up in Nemuro without any ID.

The authorities radioed down to the ship, verified my identity and wrote me a note in japanese to show anyone else if I should get stopped anywhere else. We shook hands, bowed, smiled, and parted as friends.

They initially picked me up because they thought I might be Russian or trying to defect to Russia. I didn’t realize you could see Russia from their town, and there was still a lot of conflict over the ownership of the Kurils.

It was a fun couple weeks!

@ cpvr

I’ve been to Florida once, but was too young to remember it that well. I haven’t been to too many places out east yet, but it’s on my list.

@ GrimDayz

And I bet there is a lot of wildlife as well. I’ve seen pictures of the general area and it looks amazing.

@ Doug G

That’s a trip to remember! It would be a long swim back to Russia without a boat. It makes me wonder if they had visitors before to put them in high alert.

I like traveling in Asian countries, especially the Philippines. If you like paradise islands with beautiful scenery, there’s a lot in the Philippines. I enjoyed vacationing there and now I realize our mother Earth is so precious.

You can add those areas to my ever growing list of desired travel destinations. I think I need to find a way to turn traveling into a profession. :slight_smile:

I would like to go to Dubai

My honeymoon only !

Is planning to go to Hongkong for a week vacation. Hope it’ll happen:)

it was in 2008 when I went out of town for 5 months and it was the longest vacations in my life. they are the never forgettable days of my life…

I want to go to Japan that the one of country in my dream. I hope everything will be better as soon as possible. :nono:

I wish to go to Germany … I wonder i will go sometime??? …

north of Morocco

The 6 months spent last year in NYC. Amazing times. The good thing is we’re back there for another 6 months. Hope to make even better memories.

I have too many to name. Top 4 would be:

Brazil (Rio)
Vietnam (China Beach)

When I went to France that was a great vacation. Probably a trip to Rome to watch England vs Italy though, was the best. The game itself wasn’t great, but Rome was a wonderful place.

We went to Puerto Rico last year, and amazingly, it felt way safer than going to a place like Cancun Mexico (with all of the scary stories we’ve been hearing lately). Check out Isla Verde section, the Intercontinental hotel was amazing. Very affordable during hurricane season through travelocity or a site similar to that. I mean like, cheaper to fly to the caribbean and stay 5 nights, than to stay for 5 nights in VA beach or something lame like that.

here are some of my photos from PR - enjoy

The time we drove to Oman from Dubai.The scenery on the way was just marvellous, the Omani people were as friendly as it can be, the wadi shab, the beach, the blue sky…

I wanna go back!