Your idea for a prize? I was thinking a free .com!

Hi, I’ve recently launched after a lot of hesitation for it to be perfect (that’s never going to happen according to Jason Fried and “Rework”)

The site offers the possiblity to Q&A with experts from the web fields if you are completely new to the industry or don’t know where to start/improve etc – BUT we also have something for the more advanced users or regular entrepreneurs how I like to call them.

We’ve made a newsletter which will present fantastic deals from web services providers – Web hosting, domain name registration, design & development deals, coupons for SEO services as so on.

My question is that being a start-up it obviously doesn’t have many subscribers (~100) so I’m trying to build it up the regular baby steps way in order to get more and better deals. Obviously the providers want to offer a huge discount or freebie when the audience is huger.

How do you feel that every 2 weeks, one of the subscribers receives a new .com domain name or a new 1yr registration to his own domain? Would this marketing strategy work into attracting professionals from the field? I’m definitely only interested in those which I can help further and not go broad with this.

What other similar budget prizes would you offer? (Be creative here!)


Let me know, thanks!
Sergiu (Scorpiono)

I saw your site from signature link its good idea but nowdays lots of websites buysellads its very tough one to get top one on the serp. But best of luck keep working.

BuySellAds has nothing to do with whatsoever :wink:
TheyKnowBest is my pet start-up while BuySellAds is the most fantastic place to work in the advertising industry sector.

Do you have any ideas on how to improve Any idea for web deals to give away to the subscribers?