Your Girl Friend Name:

My girl friend name is Saima. She is so beautiful and looking hot.
I want to know what is the name of your girl friend.

Thanks for letting us know. But I bet my girlfriend is more beautiful. :slight_smile:

Whatever, if you’re not posting pics then you can’t find them that attractive.

Idk. My gf is for my eyes only. :slight_smile:

Does she enjoy being locked in the basement all the time so that other men can’t look at her?

I am sorry therefor this was personal question. and thanks for sharing your personals with us…

Stats with S and finishes with E. total 6 letters. can anyone guess!! its an English world. Meaning is related to haven.

I don’t think many people ready to share their girlfriend name :wink:

I don’t have a girlfriend - my wife would kill me :smiley:


I dont have girl friend