Your favorite forums

My favorite is Digital point.

I agree that SitePoint (and many other forums) are better than DP. WHT is just good for inexperienced newbies (to get answered from inexperienced newbies too!) because whatever I posted there I got nonesense answers and even one of my valid php programming questions was deleted with no provided reason. Whenever I need professional answers from professional people I do use SitePoint.

My favorite is Site Point.

SitePoint is the best because the staff have respect for speech liberty. They will not ban you just because you said that SitePoint is very useless, because they know you have the liberty to have your own opinion about SitePoint. But anon-e-mouse of WHT is too much more than *sshole to even understand what speech liberty means.

mine are DP, webpro, websitebabble, promojunkie

Digital Point Forums is my favourite forum at the time being

Hey thanks for sharing this forums i really enjoyed joining these and they really helped me a lot and i will keep posting on these and on this one too where i found you all

Start’s with a B and ends with an HW

V7n and Digital Point forums :slight_smile:

Currently my favorites are - General Discussion Forum.
& - Webmaster forums.


I’ve got a couple sports forums I like the one on where I follow my Jayhawks. I also like

I wonder why this harmful thread lives for so long. Every member mentioning DP and WF should be immediately banned by IP. And the only forum worth visiting besides SitePoint is Wickedfire.

The same about that meaningless WHT! :wink:

I like Softpedia forum too