Your favorite forums

What are your favorite forums after SitePoint? (ignore garbage forums such as WHT etc.)

Good day!

Just introduce myself: I am a man (says my wife), I am 50 years old (hmm, that looks bad isn’t it?) and I am a terrible bad programmer (I say myself).
My hobbies: computer (of course), my 17 years old son and of course my wife. I like to play billiard, I do a very little bit and very simple programming in VB and I try to make a site for my billiard-club in the near future.

Take care!

warrior and myspace

My favorite forums are digitalpoint, sitepoint, webmasterforums, webcosmoforums etc. It is very interesting to post in this forums .

v7n is a good forum.

Yes, even mine are webmaster forums, digital point, site point and V7n forums…

mine I like symbianize one of my countries popular forums :slight_smile:


It is definitely a garbage forum.

No is a Garbage forum

As long as nice and usefull forums like SitePoint and DigitalPoint are there, WHT would be just an extra and unnecessary forum on the web. I hope they close WHT in 2010 and try to find a job rather than wasting their time on it! :slight_smile:

I think if you were to take a poll on SP the vast majority of people would say that DP is a garbage forum so it’s obviously a matter of personal preference.

Seeing as WHT services a very different niche (web hosting) than either SP (web dev) or DP (get rich quick/selling copyrighted materials) I’d say that it has it’s place.

I will vote for v7n :slight_smile: Because it is the friendliest webmaster forums…

Mine favourite is digitalpoint and warriorforum.


I like webmaster forums and Auto forums.

Digital Point Forums and

Hello Nimasdj,

My favorite forum are,
digitalpoint and

DigitalPoint forums.
Why do some of you guys consider WHT to be garbage? I had been visiting that forum since 2003? and it has loads of information regarding web hosting/tools etc. Though I have not been an active throughout the years but I still find it to be resourceful, I go there whenever I need hosting. It’s been so long I can’t remember what my username. lol