Your Best Recommended Php 7 Tutorials For Complete Beginners

I would like to learn Php 7. Php 7 tutorials are available online (, etc.) for those who already know previous version which I know not. Been aiting ever since late 2015 but no proper tutorials out yet. is a reference manual and not a tutorial for beginner.

Q1. What are your top best Php 7 tutorials (paperback books, ebooks, online text tutorials and online video tutorials) suitable for complete beginners (who do not know previous versions) and why do you suggest them over others ?

Q2. Where did you learn Php and which version and why particularly from there ?

Q3. How many years experience do you have in Php and which version ?

Q4. Which other languages you know and how many years experience ?

Q5. Where are your Php 7 and other Php versions’ development portfolios (work samples) ?

Q6. Anything else I should know ?

Your questions seem to all be about specific versions of php and learning, as if they were different languages altogether.
I would say learning php is not really all that version specific. See this topic.

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