Your best Apps of 2014?

I’m an Android user, so this topic is prompted by this post -

(I didn’t realise 1Password had come to Android!)

I agree with quite a few of these, though personally feel Google Inbox has been overhyped a bit. What are your top Android and iOS Apps of the year and why?


This is a million dollar app…

I don’t really use alot of apps. I use Plex, Netflix, and Chromecast the most and all have been updated quite a bit this year and are all awesome apps.

But if I had to pick one as the best new one I’ve tried this year, it would have to be the Google Now app. That thing is pretty freaking amazing. It reminds me of shows I watch, it keeps me updated with sites without RSS, when it’s time to go to work or come home it notifies me if there is abnormally high traffic offers alternate routes, etc. etc. etc. It’s pretty neat… actually it’s a little creepy that it knows me and my patterns so well, but I like it.

Technically I first got it in 2013 when I got my Nexus 5, but it was near the end of 2013.

I do too. I don’t like it. It makes me uncomfortable. It feels like it’s trying to be a Facebook style prioritizer, which does nothing for me but make me feel like it’s constantly hiding things. I don’t want my email prioritized. I just want my email. It’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Honestly, to me it feels like Google is just trying to get back out ahead of the game. Gmail has always been 10 steps ahead of the competition, up until the last year or 2 when everyone has pretty much caught up.

Also putting Wire up there is a little bit too soon. It’s a very basic app that only came out in the last month. It is not anywhere close to being Skype killer like it was billed on it’s HN thread. And I don’t think I really like the new Gmail app. It tries to do so much and makes a few bad UX decisions.

I haven’t used any of the other apps on that list.

Google E-mail app never seems to delete e-mails when I swipe to delete it. Anyone else? It’s extremely frustrating. I’ll go back to my computer and the e-mails are still there - undeleted. That’s when I stopped using Google E-mail on my phone.

Oh yes… Messaging Apps! So many released this year…

I’ve tried a few of them as I’m keen to completely replace my SMS and Phone features(!) but the main issue I have is that I hardly ever know anyone using them, so end up with 5 apps installed, all with one person in them.

Yes, Google Now has been one of my favourites for a long time, you don’t think of it being an App really and that is great design in itself.

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Two I really like, both for iOS:

  • Sunrise, a beautiful calendar app. The desktop version is also great, though I’ve had a few issues where meeting invites weren’t being sent out.

  • Workflow, sort of like Zapier or IFTTT for iOS. I mostly use it to make gifs from my photos, but it has a few more serious uses as well :wink:

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Here’s a nice tweet, posted two years from now:

Hehe to the tweet… :wink:

I tried Sunrise and liked the Android app (as opposed to desktop version) but found it a little data heavy and also I quite like (seeming to be one of the few) that liked the redesigned Google Calendar app, so switched back to that. Mainly because it was more like Sunrise!

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I’m a app whore. On my ipad I download every free app in the app store. Regardless if I want it or not. Try most of them and delete most of them. Almost every single app becomes free at some point throughout each year. Of course once you download it its yours forever. I probably own half the app store by now.

I love “acorns” “humin” and “jelly” for iOS

Mobile Odin Pro, MS Office, AirDroid, CM Security AppLock Antivirus to name a few good ones

Yeah incredibly annoying!

Iam an iPhone user i always use the app named “uCIC” and i love this app i found the app to be helpful when iam in searching for visual content on matters that interest me.

I like Go Sms Pro. :slight_smile:

Clash Of Clans is the best i waste so much time for it. :sunglasses:

SwiftKey Keyboard. I love the emojies :smile:

few of the best I used

Snowball Beta

I’m not familiar with any of those, @parks_daniel. Could you tell us in a couple of sentences what each is for and why you like it? A few details are always more interesting than a list with no information.

I loved Snowball until Lollipop came it and then it was rendered useless inmo.

WeTransfer also good :slight_smile:


What a piece of crap that is. It’s been driving me nuts, especially lately. My phone slows way down almost every day, restarting doesn’t help because it remembers everything that was running but I do it anyway. And the other day, I restarted and got some message that said “Command not found” when my phone turned back on and was stuck on a screen with a dead android with red errors coming out of his chest. It eventually rebooted itself from that, but it was unresponsive during it.

I hate Lollipop so freaking much. It has been nothing but a headache since I got it and has made my phone unreliable.

I have a Nexus 5 btw.