You should know that. While you're sleeping, your iPhone stays busy — snooping on you

Why so much? This is one of the most dangerous problems of our time. Why is it worth being afraid?
The problem is that this data is stored on servers owned by third-party companies, not application developers. Disconnect CTO Patrick Jackson believes that any third parties in the data chain are suspicious. How big is it?
Hard to say. But for a month on the iPhone Jeffrey Fowler was downloaded 5400 trackers, sent more than 1.5 GB of data. And this figure, apparently, strained it no less than the fear of the safety of its own data. It bothers me too. And you?

Hi there puffloldaddy,

lucky old me, I don’t have an “iPhone” or any other smart appliance. :biggrin:

This is my mobile - ( pay as you go ) - phone … Doro PhoneEasy 409gsm


It doesn’t stay busy even when I’m awake. :rofl:



People should be concerned. There are many other things to be concerned about. On just the subject of smartphones, many smartphones currently use non-removable batteries. So the privacy invaders can get into our phone even when it is turned off and we cannot remove the battery to prevent that.

There are articles in well-known and trusted publications describing secret code that exists in most (probably all) USB devices. There is also code in most hard drives (probably all that are currently manufactured). I say secret in the sense that we don’t know the details of what it does and how to use it. Note that all USB devices execute code stored in the device; that is what makes USB devices very convenient.

And there are techniques to get data out of a system that has no connection to a network/internet. I don’t know if it works in all modern systems but my guess is that the people that are using the secret code in devices also have a way to get data out of a system that is not connected.

Many people will think that all this is just wild paranoia but I could provide well-respected authorities but I just don’t care to.

…because the information which can be gathered in a matter of minutes is astounding! Ok I believe most information is used to manipulate targeted advertising material but I am afraid that identity theft is now prevalent and becoming easier. Imagine waking up to discover all your banking accounts, etc have been emptied overnight!

The following Topic was an eye-opener to me:


A great option, but even you they can overhear :wink:

I think it is. You made my paranoia even more. Thanks.
How do you think the installation of VPN will help with this?
I think not, but there must be smth that will keep your data safe.

Overhear what, exactly?


your conversations?XD

See my news article NSA spyware in disk drives from four years ago about spyware in disk drives that apparently is from/by the NSA. The link in that article might not work; I need to submit an edit for that but for now you can find the article at EQUATION GROUP: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (PDF).

The following are related to that. I have not read all of the following.

Note that Kaspersky Lab is currently Russian. The news has been warning us about use of Kaspersky Lab products, indicating the Russians are out to get us. However Kaspersky Lab (as you can see in the preceding articles) seem to be exposing the NSA and other things the American government does not want us to know about. So who do you trust more?

Advertising is evil. But. Unfortunately, I think there are plenty of reasons why our data can be collected. At least it is simply unpleasant for me that my data is known to third parties. We are like in an open aquarium and some strangers look at us.

No one. And you?

Are you implying that my Doro PhoneEasy 409gsm
is a 24/7 active microphone able to pass on every word, that
I happen to say aloud, to Big Brother?


I think the secrecy is the greatest concern. No one can give permission for anything they do not know about. If we knew who is getting the data and what they do with it then we might be happy to share it or at least be happy to be compensated for it. But instead of compensating us they steal it.

And this is very sad. What do you think why they do it? Are there versions other than advertising?

I say we must assume so, since they do not tell us what they do. Any device, such as (many) TVs that have a microphone to allow the device to respond to our voice and a network connection is likely easily hacked.

Many smartphones are being made that have AI built in. That means our voice, text, images and videos can be analyzed within the device (our device) by AI and then the processed data can be sent out instead of raw data.

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This is a joke :slight_smile: It is unlikely that this guy can pass anything at all. But still, I think that in fact you are using any modern devices, for example, a home phone, payments on the Internet, and you have a bank card and the like. Isn`t it ?

coothead, even a toaster can set you up

Are you implying that Big Brother knows the location of my
Doro PhoneEasy 409gsm mobile - ( pay as you go ) - phone ?


Are you implying that my toaster is a security threat?



A little higher I described the possible modern devices that you can use.
What about the toaster - it was a hint of modern network toasters, to which you can also get some access and data. joke style