You never know what kind of client you may come across

Thought id share this with you guys. I dont post here oftern but i do lurk here a bit…lol.

My first ever client from about year ago is so pleased with the work ive done for their business that they have given me an offer i cant refuse. I do alot of work for them and have become very friendly with them in that time.

Ive given a promise to learn the ins and outs of magento and put them together a nice ecommerce website in exchange for 6 months free rent inside a new 800 square foot new office space in a busy part of town. Im on Long Island on the edge of the hamptons, MANY cars pass by this location on any given day. All i have to cover is the small amount of utilities.

After the 6 free months is up ill be paying very minimal (~350/month) rent for the next year with small increases each year after. I have been give permission to sublet partitions out and ill wind up making money on it.

Ive been doing my freelance work from home for the last year or so after becoming unemployed. I am super busy with work now after building up a portfolio and ive been saving up some money. The area i am in has a large amount of small business with no web presence and ive been tapping into it. With my own storefront like this ill see my work load increase probably 10 fold. Ill wind up having to hire some help.

Im moving out of my home office and into this unit the week after thanksgiving, i have A LOT of work ahead of me. But, i am totally stoked to be getting out of the house and into MY OWN office with my own lettering and name on the door window. I am nervous yet excited at the same time.

For those out there struggling, keep learning and keep pushing ahead because you never know who might be around the corner.

Thanks for sharing. Some encouraging story you got there. Good luck to you bud.

Thanks, will post up some photos of my shop once im up and running. Starting my move in december 1.

Plenty of room for a nice big desk!

Sounds great, and a real boost to morale. Hope the move goes smoothly. :slight_smile:


“keep learning and keep pushing ahead because you never know who might be around the corner.” I like this.

Its the truth. I also just happen to live in a place with a high density of small business that is basically untapped in the web design market.

Starting my move in this weekend, internet hookup on monday and im ready to roll. Pics will follow.