You know you're a hardcore coder when

You lose electricity at 3AM, the UPS kicks in, and to reduce the strain on the UPS you turn off your table lamp…

… and turn on a kerosene (that’s 'tiffin for you limey buggers) lamp…

True story… as of six hours ago. Managed to get over 3 and a half hours out of the UPS – enough to wait for the power to come back on. Knew I got the 1500AH 950W CyberPower for a reason.

Steampunk coding man…

[FONT=“Georgia”]You know you’re a hardcore coder when you lower the brightness of your screen and change all backgrounds to black so you can stare at it longer.

You know you’re a hardcore coder when you teach yourself to use your mouse with your left hand so you can switch them up to slow down CTS.


that’s 'tiffin for you limey buggers

So you can run a lamp on food “Tiffin is lunch, or any light meal”. I think you mean paraffin :nono:

Well, I might be a few decades out of date on that – but I’m used to paraffin being shortened to 'tiffen… As I encountered in person when stationed at Alconbury back in '91.

Though yes, I have heard 'tiffin used to refer to lunch… as a disparagement.

Ike was fine, except that he spoke of lunch as ‘tiffin’, of gasoline as ‘petrol’, and of anti-aircraft as ‘flack’. I truly fear that London has conquered Abilene. – Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

Though a few lines later…
Alexander said that it was foolish to consider British and Americans as one people, as we were each foreigners to the other. I said that it was a correct concept and the sooner that everyone recognized it, the better. I told him that my boisterous method of command would not work with the British no matter how successful it might be with Americans, while his cold reserve would never work with Americans. He agreed.

That kinda reminds me of them potato clocks from a good few years ago which could be powered by many foods. Next desk lamp i get will use LED lights.

You know you’re a hardcore coder when…

you carry printouts of your code everywhere and keep looking for bugs

When you give out your phone number… in HEX.

That’s hardcore for sure :rofl: , computers are so friggin addictive!

Something I’m currently in the process of… :frowning:

[FONT=“Georgia”]When, in casual conversation, you say things like, “Look at that beautiful FF9900 flower on the wall!”


“Look at that beautiful FF9900 flower on the wall!”

The lazier of us just saw f90

…you can use your left and right eye separately :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

…when you can write your birthday in binary :cool:

Then I guess I’m one of the hardcore programmer :stuck_out_tongue:
So, when a person is considered as softcore programmer ? :wink:

So, when a person is considered as softcore programmer ?

LAWLZ yes, that is the question!

I am probably a hardcore coder because I only need a pencil and paper to code anything; computers are just so cumbersome, I always skip the computer part completely…

A softcore coder is one that gets paid more than what they are worth.

i was thinking more along the lines of you know someone is hardcore programmer when you catch them on the desk humping their computer. I think I’m more soft core in that regards, sadly.

I’ve been banned from perving over markup source code. >;-)

Then I guess nobody can be a softcore coder, as nobody pays more to a person who isn’t that much worth in this world !

One was referring to the value of bad markup being overpriced; in the sense fact is that many people will pay just as much for bad as good markup.

If we are being more accurate the softcore coder is the hardcore WYSINWYG Monkey.

That gets on it’s knees in front of PSD jockeys like Jade Raymond in front of game producers.