You have to choose at least one column to display?

I submitted, the code below, into the correct database, under Submit Query, and a message appears that states “You have to choose at least one column to display”. Can you help direct me from here, please? I’m not sure what to do next. thanks

$sql = "INSERT into member_profile (email_address, user_name, password, passwordSalt, first_name, last_name, Address_1, Address_2, City, State, zip_code, country, birthday, account_status, account_type, date_created, random_code)
          VALUES ('$email_address', '$user_name', '$password', '$passwordSalt', '$first_name', '$last_name',  '$Address_1' '$Address_2' '$City', '$State', '$zip_code', '$country_list', '$birthday', 'new', 'standard', NOW(), '$random_code')";

That message does not come from MySQL. It comes from your code, or whatever program you used “Submit Query” with.

Thanks for your reply. It was in phpmyadmin. Should I post this question elsewhere?

No. Did you check if the row was inserted? I’m not sure what you need help with. You’ve pasted PHP code here, but you can’t run PHP code in phpMyAdmin.

try echoing $sql right after.’

then copy and paste the generated sql statement into phpmyadmin and see what happens.