You have a well kept database fed and manteined by your interactive web site And now?

Suppose you have a well kept database fed and manteined by your interactive web site. You have clients data table, transactions table, everityhing regarding your company activity becose your website is an e-commerce one and everything is gathered through the interactive website.
You want now produce an invoice for your a client. This requires not only data fetching and computational programming, but also a lot of positional code. With positional code I intend code that fetch data from the $… variables of php and position them orderly, with grafhic images, in a document lay-out that may be sent elctronically to the customer or may be printed.
May be thise achieved via php or HTML or is now time to change language? Wich kind of abilities of “positioning” have both php and HTML? How to programmatically prepare a .pdf file of the prepared invoice?
Probably this is a newbe question, but I have learnt a lot (surely not enough) of php and HTML and CSS by you and I’m sure this will be the same, reading answers to this post of mine,
tnank you in advance,

I’m not sure I completely understand your question. Are you looking for a PDF generator like FPDF ?

Thanks to ScallioXTX.
My aim is fetch data from my database (MySql) and after a having processed them, put neatly and orderly data on an invoice layout. The invoice should finally have to be printed or sent by email, in this latter case translated in a .pdf file.
Is it possible to do that using just html and php? Or I have to use other languages? In this latter case, which languages?
Thank you for a kind reply,

Yes you can do that using php and fpdf, which I linked to in my previous post :slight_smile:
You don’t even need HTML for this.

I second FPDF!