You guys shopping online?

shopping what?
i usually shopping my clothes and sports things.
have any recommend shopping website expect amazone and ebay.
or have any shopping forums recommend?

It looks like you’re doing some kind of marketing research to promote your own online store. This is a technical forum. I am sure that most of the people around here do some shopping online.

I don’t go seeking for shopping related forums as my line of work doesn’t deal with that. That’s what Google is for! :lol:

Regarding shopping websites, I doubt that the ones I would mentioned will be known to you (exceptions made to the ones you named: Amazon and/or Ebay) :slight_smile:

I buy some of my clothes from EastBay, perfumes from BigDiscounts or StrawberryNet and that’s quite all my “online shopping experience”. :slight_smile:

  • books, forum subscriptions, X-Box Live, some DS games, and knowledge.

yes i do, and that be everything from fishing rods to ski/snowboards, computer parts, laptops, TV, cd/dvd, swords and axes, climbing gear, clothes, maps, compasses, boating/watersport equipment and accessories, boots, books, guitars and music equipment etc etc and etc…

I’m probably spending 10k+ on online shopping a year, from all over the world.

I love it, it’s so easy :smiley:

I love shopping for health foods and supplements online. There are some great websites out there - <snip>no promotion please</snip>

i try not to buy clothes online because you never know how they’ll fit. then if it doesn’t work out, you have deal w/ the return and what not. as far as other things go, i’m sure it’s not a problem to find out. I usually use Google to find what I’m looking for, and it refers me to sites where i can shop online.

I love the convenience of online shopping! However, if it were not to exist, I’d probably would be less lazy. :rofl:

Talking about tangible goods, I’ve have bought a few things over the years. But I hardly buy anything offline as well :lol:

As far as digital goods, I buy something almost every day.