YOU GUYS ROCK. I've almost wrapped this project up - good validation is IT!

In designing these surveys w/no knowledge whatsoever of .NET, the crash course I’ve taken has been much smoother, courtesy of a LOT of help from you guys on this board.

So w/4 working surveys, all interacting w/the CRM system, I’m undertaking the final steps to wrap this project up. And the steps lead up the staircase called…


I’ve currently got a RequiredFieldValidator added to the top 3 fields of each generated set of questions. The questions are dynamic, and what I’d love to do is pop up a red “YOU MISSED SOME FIELDS…blah blah” msg above the Submit button when the user misses those top fields. (I did do this previously with a custom validator, but I’ve had trouble doing this w/the dynamic fields that I’ve created.)

Right now, if you miss a top-3 field, the page just does nothing, and the user has to manually scroll up to the top of the page to see “required field” pop up in red next to the missed field. The user might just think nothing’s happening, which is a good possibility, because it looks like that.

The last thing is, how can I validate my phone number and email fields? Those fields are actually not dynamic. Is there a way to use regex in a required field validator to do this?

Here’s links to my almost-complete project:

Cancelled Appt:

Toured, Didn’t Buy:



For the message at the bottom. You can use the ValidationSummary control. It will display a list of all the error messages.

For the email and phone numbers, you can use the CustomValidtor to write regex. It has built in regex templates for phone number and email address already. You must just select it.

Also remember to make sure the page passes validation on server side as well, so if a user has JS disabled you do not reg junk data. You can use the Page.IsValid property.

Hope this helps. And good luck with the final stages of ur application

NightStalker - have you ever used the Prototype class of JavaScript w/.NET for validation?

I have used prototype yes, but not for validation and not in ages. jQuery is what you would want to use nowadays. Just make sure ur validate server side as well