Yet another “How much should I charge?” question for PHP coding/bootstrap/admin LTE

First of all, i will like to said that i’m not fluent in english, so sorry if my orthography isn’t good :cold_sweat:
I’m not a php expert but i do have knowledge of how everything works, I hire 3 php expert to develop a software for a big company(more than 100 years and maybe more than 1,000 workers).

But i’m not sure how much should i charge for it, the software have 3 user levels: admin, Engineer and technicians.
when you log on the user will be avaible to see a dashboard with a map of the whole country that show every land that they own, and in a corner the latest informs and schedlue for the land

if you see the software for the admin view you will see the following menu:

  • technicians
  • producers
  • farms
  • piece of ground

so if they click on technicis he will see all the technicians avaible, if you select one, you will see the producers that they supervised and if you click a producer you will see the farm they own, once you click a farm it will take you in one of the piece of ground of that farm and once you select the piece of ground you can create informs, schedlue and even a simulator to see how much rice you can produce in a semester is a complex calculator of 5 phases.

there are 5 technicians, 60 producers, 305 farms and around 915 piece of ground

and when you log in from a technician they only will be avaible to see their producers, not the other technician producer.

don’t know if i explain myself well, please ask, i can even upload a video :slight_smile:

the developers use php with adminLTE(which is developed on bootstrap)

P.S: they have been working in this for around 4 months

Do you mean “how much should I charge” or how “much should I pay”? Presumably you are the customer?

All of these details should be worked out before the work is done. And to get a better sense of the going rate, it would be better to get quotes from a number of possible service providers than ask on a forum. :slight_smile:

Hi @ralphm i’m the seller, i hire 2 soft developer to do the job for a company, the company hire me for the project, the final meeting is this friday to set the price, but i’m not sure how much should i charge, i heard this project are around 13,500 up to 25,000 USD depending of the time invest.

$20 per hour?

You seem to have this back-to-front. Surely the time to set the price - or at least agree on a charging system - is at the start of the project. You have presumably already paid your developers for their work, so you can work out the basic costs of development (although you seem to be unclear how many developers have worked on it; one post says three, the other says two). I’d suggest you look around and try to get an idea of what other businesses in your area charge for bespoke software development, and base your calculations accordingly.

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That seems like a rather broad range to me.
And being in the 5 digits it sure isn’t something I’d want to be off in my estimates with.

I might be able to absorb a 50 dollar loss without too much pain, but losing a couple of thousand dollars would be a major learning experience to say the least.

You seem to have roughly summarized what the app is to do.
IMHO you should break down exactly what steps will be involved from start to finish.
Including Planning, Writing, Testing, Tweaking, Testing again etc.

Only then will be able to get a better idea of the amount of time (= money) the project will take to complete.

I’m investing around 4-5k USD in developer to resell this same software to a big company, i know money isnt the problem for them but will like to know how much i can charge and let them be happy with it.

also they will be renting a private software for me that cost 500 USD a month so i can set a good price for that, but don’t know how much, in the first place i ask for 12k USD.
but then they request more function…
at the beginning it was multi level user that can create inform and schedlue for each farm, now it also include maps for each farm and a farming simulator that let them know how much they can harvest in a certain period

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