Yay! Stupid twit and Google +1 buttons hacked

We knew it would only be a matter of time.

GoogleJack (he links to the twitjack too)

If you’re logged into twitter while browsing a site using the twit-jack, clicking anywhere on the page makes you follow that person (or whomever’s account they’ve got linked on there). Hahaha.

Well, only if you’ve got Javascript running.

And now we can screw with Google search results! (well, I dunno how much the +1 button actually affects results, but it’s supposed to do something right?) Want people to +1 your page? Just add the googlejack script to your page. Everyone with JS on who’s also logged into google accounts will give your page some much-needed luvjuice whenever they click on it. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Haha. Everyone who wants these holes plugged, add them to your page. As a side benefit, you’ll either get a lot of followers or a lot of google love. Lawlz.

And if you don’t want to get suckered, and like running lots of scripts, just don’t stay logged into stuff while surfing other stuff. It’s silly anyway: all those other sites can track what you do, even if you don’t have the tab open. Facebook tracks what you do from the moment you’re logged in 'til the moment you’re logged out. ([url=http://www.zdnet.com.au/logged-in-or-out-facebook-is-watching-you-339284281.htm]Actually, Facebook tracks you anyway, but whatever)

uh-oh, Dr Kevorkian died.

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I’m actually slightly saddened about Kevorkian. If you ever get the chance to check out that HBO flick You Don’t Know Jack, I strongly recommend it.

So I should log out of the FBI site BEFORE I check in via the web with my handler in the splinter cell?

How long before FB and the FBI realize they are only one letter apart and get a free trade agreement going on?

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I’d love to… when my dad had terminal lung cancer, we were looking at a Dr Quill, but that guy seemed to have lost his nerve after Kevorkian was put away. Instead, I got to watch my dad slowly suffocate in agony. It took 2 weeks at that final stage. I was just 18.

FB already knows more about you than the FBI, so yeah, I’d say they should pool their resources… like, the incompetence of the FBI mixed in with all the (stupid) accessibility issues of Facebook… wow, that would put me in awe.

Actually I have an uncle who reposesses for a bank. He uses Facebook to get “security” data from the people he’s tracking. They put in things like their birth dates and where they went to school and their mothers’ maiden names. See, banks are stupid like that, using public information as “security questions”. Facebook is just one of the most convenient places to grab it all at once. Lawlz!

Buttons aren’t stupid - people are.


I’m guessing you were illustrating your point or something :shifty:

That is awesome.

Part of me wants to create a JQuery plugin…

Actually, Facebook tracks you anyway, but whatever)

f**k IP address - thats old school – Facebook is the way to go!

It’s in response to the title:

Yay! Stupid twit and Google +1 buttons hacked.