Yash Raj Films FONT?

Hi everyone, can you please help me to recognize this font?

Any help would be highly appreciable.

Crop to the text on that image and put through whatthefont.com I’d be surprised if it is anything exotic. Rez on my phone isn’t quite good enuf to identify straight off the sample.

@Slackr: I didn’t understand, what to crop here? See “Yash Raj Films” written in white color isn’t the font I’m looking for. “The Big Red Graphic” is “Y” itself, that’s what I’m asking. Which font is used to write “Y”.

Did you get it? Can you see “A Big Red Graphic” which indicates “Y”.

Sorry, I did get the wrong end of the stick there. However the red ‘Y’ isn’t anything I recognise to be anything like a font. It looks more like a custom graphic. I guess the other thing it could be is a non-english character. Certainly it isn’t anything I can help with sorry.

It’s okay. You are right it surely is custom graphic, but definitely not a non-english character. As I can clearly see “Y”. It’s left area is filled with solid red, so that only right portion of “Y” is visible, to make it look like silhouette.

Thanx anyway, but I’m sure someone can identify this font.

I’m not convinced it is a font, either.

Why do you need it as a font? I should be easy enough to create as a path in illustrator…

Hi TexasBob,

Good question, actually I want to write other alphabets like “S” and “A” and more…
Instead of creating graphic of each alphabet, I think of taking help of a font in similar style.

For example: here I’ve written “SAGAR” as a banner on my blog. And I’m looking for something more creative.

Yes, It is easy to read. According to my point of view it is looking as

“Yash Raj Films”

If some one not understand then tell me, I am here.

Hi johnlinkson, Plz read my First reply on Slackr’s post. You’ll get the idea what is being discussed here.