Yahoo Web Hosting Review - Honest Review

Prior to moving my Joomla website to Rochen in 2010, I was with Yahoo for one full year. I’ve been with Rochen for a year and a half now and I like it.

With Yahoo there’s that “do-yourself” linux-like feeling where you get to learn a great deal. You have to install joomla (and other such CMS and blogs) manually via filezilla or other FTP clients because they don’t have fantastico autoinstaller and no inbuilt ftp services. So you will learn how exactly FTP runs, how to create databases in PhpMyAdmin, how to handle domains and all that stuff because they have ZERO customer support. So that’s actually a plus and a minus together.

With no customer support, I learned what exactly were databases and how they functioned. What were SQL queries and I learned to optimize my tables in order to make my joomla site run faster.

Also they give no access to php.ini and htaccess.txt which are very useful in the later stages of your joomla website.

However, they have a very good interfaced “file manager” (more like the file manager of cPanel but more user friendly) that can be useful for newbies. It lets you do all the things that a cPanel file manager lets you do but without hassles.

Another thing worth mentioning is their seriously AWESOME business mail. I really miss it since i’ve moved to rochen. It had a superb interface (far far better than “Horde”, “Squirrel Mail” and “Round Cube” which cPanel offers) with a really useful functionality called “catch all”. After activating catch all any mail say “” or “” would not be missed and would land up in your mailbox. This is one functionality that I miss since I’ve moved out of Yahoo. You could create filters in your mailbox, search your mails, put in HTML, use your mail with other web based clients like Gmail.

Then they give you “unlimited” diskspace and bandwidth. “Unlimited” creeps some people out but actually it’s really better than rochen providing me with just 500 MB. I’ve not tried to go actually test their unlimited claim but I had wordpress blog, phpbb forum, joomla and some other scripts running on the same hosting and without any tensions. If it were Rochen, it would have rung it’s alarm bells or suspended my website long ago.

There’s no limit on mass mailing. Send 10000 mails in a minute if you want, they don’t really care. I’ve tried it. I sent out a promotional email from it to 50,000 people and they all reached.

Overall it was okay but for the fact there’s no customer support which really really sucks. I mailed them on some issues and am yet to receive a reply. They just don’t reply, do what you will. Tried calling them but was stuck with their auto customer care mode and never got to speak to a representative.

But, if you’re a beginner in web hosting and just need to try things out, they’d be the best. They’d actually make you learn stuff!

It had a superb interface (far far better than “Horde”, “Squirrel Mail” and “Round Cube” which cPanel offers) with a really useful functionality called “catch all”.

Someone here suggests that Google Apps can be a solution to your “catch all” wish. You can always use a different email hosting provider than your website hosting provider. You could even use Yahoo’s email service, which I see they’re selling separately as well. :wink:

Great info. Will try google apps.

Using a different hosting provider for email means more money! :frowning:

Thanks for the info, though.