Yahoo Search Marketing Problem


I really need your help badly. I’m new to yahoo search marketing and I encountered this problem: I can’t access my account on yahoo search marketing. There this bold and red note that says: “An error occurred during login because you have not been granted access to any accounts.”. What should I do? Can somebody give me advice because honestly, I really don’t know what to do.

Thank you in advance.

I’m just running one account. That’s why I can’t find any reason why I can’t log in. Thanks Ted S. I’ll try to contact them.

Contact Customer services and they should be able to help you

I am also new in Yahoo.I also dont have any idea regarding Yahoo problem.Please help me.

Yahoo search marketing is currently in the process of transitioning to MSN ad center. I have an account with them, but i have paused my campaigns because problems will be encountered due to the transitioning. So either wait around and contact their support or join other networks to continue with your marketing. <snip/>

Are you running one account or a master account with multiple subs? Sounds like you need to login to an individual account or if that’s not it, contact Yahoo about access rights.

Hi Annescoffield,

I think, your problem is solved.

Quote from Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog:

"October 27th, 2010

[B]Mission Accomplished[/B]
While the transition is done, search and the future of the search alliance is a critical part of Yahoo!’s strategy

Yahoo! is pleased to announce that we’ve completed the process of moving search ad serving for Yahoo! to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter platform in the U.S. and Canada. With this milestone achieved, the transition of advertisers’ Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts to adCenter is also complete.

The transition comes after months of testing and collaboration with Microsoft, with strict attention being paid to protecting the quality of the experience for you prior to the holiday season. The employees of both Yahoo! and Microsoft have been, and continue to be, 100% committed to supporting you through this period.

To be sure, search and the future of the search alliance is a critical part of Yahoo!’s strategy. Yahoo! also remains focused on delivering unique consumer experiences—such as the ones we launched a few weeks ago—and on increasing user engagement in our owned-and-operated search products to help drive high-quality traffic into the combined marketplace."



That is great Sandor! Yahoo stated clearly. :slight_smile: