Yahoo Is Closing Down Site Explorer

Hi guys is this news is right that Yahoo Is Closing Down Site Explorer .

i have one question if it is closed from where we can explore the links of our competitor.

It is really a big news. However, there are many sites which lists backlinks links etc.,. But, the yahoo site explorer may be compartively faster and accurate.

…will be closing down “later this year” according to Hemant Minocha, Product Manager, Yahoo Site Explorer.
Yahoo Shutting Down Site Explorer This Year

So what?

Yeah, you can always use other back links checker. Though I prefer Yahoo Site explorer.

Ops… sad to know that. I wondered if it is because of Google?

Yahoo Site Explorer has more precise subject for searching however, the URLs/Domains are not much. It leads to the results are pretty poor~

It will merge with Microsoft, Bing Search Engine. I look forward for this mergence.

Can any body confirm this thing if yahoo site explorer closed,is the other free back link checker works.Because as i know most of the software fetch the data from yahoo site explorer.