Xml upload

hi i m trying to develop a application .in which xml file is to be uploaded to a server ,can any one tell how to upload a xml file to a server in java/javascript/jsp.

you can use rmi it’s simple and easy way just a simple client and you have alredy server you need just creat a service name wich can you connect there after that you can enjoy it :D.

if you need help i can help


Do you often use a hammer to kill a fly?

vaibhav10jain, there are literally hundreds of tutorials on the net on how to do exactly what you’re asking about, available via your favorite search engine.

??? what’s wrong with RMi if i can know he can use socket too or SmakAPI and it’s very easy i think he want do somthing like ftp

no actualy it has something to do with http request post method …i don’t know much about it.